Who I Follow

Well, I wouldn’t say excuse…I just have my hand in a lot of honey pots right now and haven’t been able to do much personal work—and that’s what this tumbr is supposed to be about after all. Mostly I’ve been working on commissions (which you can see here and request there or here or email me at kate.e.kaz@gmail.com). I’ve also been doing a lot of flat coloring for various projects as well as pitching my art, scripting, oh and still scouring the job market for something like an average adult job that makes use of my “unique” skillset. Oh, and there was also the two weeks surrounding the holidays when I dropped off the face of the map to visit my family and ring in the new year with the boyfriend.

So there you have it. Those are my various reasons for not being around much the past few months…take from it what you will, but know that I haven’t given up on you, dear tumblr…in fact, I would say I’m trying even harder to make my artistic life possible and, dare I say, plausible.

I would like to throw out a hearty thank you to all those that have started following me recently. You’ve made me smile and get inspired to be better!


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