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ComiXology’s Countdown To The Eisners!

The Eisner Awards are only a few days away, and to celebrate, we’re calling out a couple of our favorite nominees and putting them into the worlds that they created. 

First up is Hawkeye dream team Matt Fraction (mattfractionblog) & David Aja hanging out with everyone’s favorite crime fighting canine, Pizza Dog!

This year, the duo is up for a combined 5 awards including Best Single Issue and Best Ongoing Series!

Check out the Best of Matt Fraction and the Best of David Aja on comiXology and make sure to follow us for all your Eisner Award and Comic-Con news!

(Art by katekaz!)

Hey guys! I’m heading out to SDCC with ComiXology! Along the way I’ll be doing a series of drawings featuring the Eisner nominees. So keep one eye on the lookout for new pieces every day until the ceremony—and keep the other on ComiXology for awesome sales!

If you happen to be at SDCC stop by Booth #2547 to meet me and the other ComiXologists get some show-exclusive art cards and maybe even get them signed by their rad artists! You can find all of ComiXology’s con info and event listings here!


A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends The Woods #3

In the first two issues, new and original BOOM! Studios’ series The Woods established itself as the perfect storm of apocalyptic high school adventures in sci-fi horror. If that phrasing alone seems a bit intense for you, then you’d better fasten your seatbelts, because issue #3 is one wild ride.

Despite what the faculty and staff seem to think, things are looking grim for the students of Bay Point Prepartory Academy. After getting mysteriously transported to another world, the principal is daydreaming while the athletics department is turning the school into the dystopian setting of 1984. Meanwhile, Adrian Roth is fighting over control of a ragtag group of students with Sanami Ota. Both have powerful ideas about what needs to be done, but, unfortunately, so does everyone else.

Underneath the fantastic setting and lurking horrors of the plot, the story is essentially a diverse set of character studies. Writer James Tynion IV (jamesthefourth) has done a brilliant job of delving into each character’s personality and initiatives while still leaving a lot of mystery for readers to contemplate. Not to be discounted in the least, Michael Dialynas’ (thewoodencrown) artwork gives a unique look and feel to the multitude of genres represented. I’ve long been a fan of Dialynas’ work and seeing him tackle both endearing character moments as well as monstrous acts of violence is both refreshing and invigorating. Like a bright cherry atop this cake of terror, Jose Gonzalez’s colors add vibrance and surreality to this mysterious new world and its newest residents.

By now you might be asking yourself, “Why high school students? How will they survive? Who’s behind all this?”

Jump into The Woods now and find out!

[Read The Woods #3 on comiXology!]

For fans of: actionscience fictionhorror

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.

Another review I wrote for the workplace! This series has been pretty incredible thus far and you should all give it a read!

Last but not least of my epic sketchbook updates, these were all sketched from a special exhibit of bronze sculptures at the Met. The original sculptures were so magnificent and I had a lot of fun trying to mimic their contrast in my recycled paper sketchbook. I had almost forgotten how fun brush pens are to sketch with!

Less studious updates from my sketchbook include: Me and my trusty Talonflame, the witchsonas I was going to do until I realized I should probably get back to work on my graphic novel projects, and various house studies

So…apparently I haven’t been scanning anything from my most recent sketchbook? 

A bunch of sculptures from the Met and some naked people from Society of Illustrators sketch night!


A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends She-Hulk #5

I have been waiting a long while to tell you guys all about the newest She-Hulk series and now the time has finally come! The series is already on its fifth issue, but things are just getting started for newly self-employed lawyer Jennifer Walters, AKA the sensational She-Hulk.

This issue is written by brilliant series writer Charles Soule, drawn by the phenomenal Ron Wimberly (d3-14), and colored by the vivid Rico Renzi, but I’d also like to give a shout-out to series cover artist Kevin Wada (kevinwada) for capturing the essence of each issue perfectly! Issue #5 focuses on the beginning of Jen’s quest for information on the mysterious blue file. While the case has been hinted at throughout the series, we are just now digging in for what looks like a wild search for the truth.

One of the greatest achievements of this series is letting go of stereotypical superhero antics and focusing on just what it takes to balance reality with super-powered responsibility. The life of a superhero may never be normal, but the She-Hulk team has done a fantastic job of making this world feel real. The action is intense as well as fun while story soars through witty dialogue.

Carrying the entire story is a fantastic female cast. Alongside She-Hulk is the vivacious Pasty Walker, AKA Hellcat, and Angie Huang as Jen’s super paralegal. All three of these fabulous ladies are tough without losing their femininity, caring without losing their wit, and not one of them hesitates to be themselves whether in court or in the face of Dr. Doom.

These are only a few reasons that everyone should jump into this series stat!

[Read She-Hulk #5 Here!]

For fans of: actionfemale leads, superheroes

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.

Another review from the workplace! Seriously, why aren’t you reading She-Hulk already?!


A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends Princess Ugg #1

Ted Naifeh is already known for fantastic tales that throw fantasy tropes out the nearest window, but Princess Ugg #1, published by onipress, takes it up a notch, introducing us to a new princess that doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word…yet.

At story’s beginning, we meet Ügla, Princess of Grimmeria, daughter of warriors, and stranger to luxury. Simultaneously, we’re given a glimpse of the Princess of Atraesca, but we need only this glimpse to see that this maiden fair is everything the stereotypical princess should be—the complete opposite of Ügla. The entire issue focuses on the dichotomy of these two girls, who are to attend the same educational institution, setting up a story that will surely be full of action as well as hijinks.

Naifeh’s writing is mythic in its scope but lively in its tone and each character speaks with a unique voice. What really shines throughout this issue is Naifeh’s unique artistic style, which illustrates the tiniest details beautifully. Warren Wucinich’s colors compliment both the story and the world with vibrant palettes and touches of atmosphere that draw us in, panel by panel, to this new world.

If the delivery of this first issue’s story is any indication, this series promises to be both fun and illuminating. Much like his previous works, such as the Courtney Crumrin series, Naifeh is sure to focus on the virtues his characters will learn from one another, though not in ways we might suspect.

Follow their adventure here for more action from the wee bonny berserker, Princess Ugg!

[Read Princess Ugg #1 Here!]

For fans of: action, female leads, fantasy

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.

I wrote another thing for the workplace! Read share and enjoy!


A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends Shutter #2

In just two issues of Shutter, Joe Keatinge (joekeatinge) and Leila del Duca (assortedfoliage)  have captured the imagination that epitomizes fantasy, sci-fi, and futuristic comics. Alongside other fresh Image titles like Pretty Deadly and Rocket Girl, the pages of Shutter #2 give readers a thrilling female-driven tale.

Keatinge’s writing is fast-paced and quirky—a perfect fit for the colorful world he’s created to support his cast. When the story began, our star Kate Kristopher was already a seasoned professional when it came to danger; in fact, she seemed pretty bored of it all. In the second issue, escaping a kidnapping attempt and the mysterious mention of possible siblings intrigues her, making it look like Kate might be back in action. With every issue, the breadth of this comic expands and delights. Not only do we have a fascinating female protagonist, but we have an ever expanding cast of interesting friends, enemies, and yet to be revealed characters that may just be a little of both. Keep an eye on Kate’s sentient clock-cat—he’s my personal fave!

A perfect compliment to this incredible world is del Duca’s fantastic illustrations paired with Owen Gieni’s vibrant colors. What has been set up in this story is any artist’s dream—a vast canvas filled with anything and everything from Irish gangster lions to ghost ninjas—and both del Duca and Gieni illustrate it all with grace and strength reverberating through every panel.

Keatinge and del Duca have not only introduced a new version of reality, they’ve also hooked this reader into a massive and mysterious adventure. Jump into the story now to follow this amazing series!

 [Pick up Shutter #2 here!]

For fans of: action, female leads, fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, mystery

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.

I wrote a thing for the workplace! Check it out and then don’t hesitate to pick up the first two issues of Shutter—they are well-worth the read!


A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends Ms. Marvel #3

As a recent reboot, the new Ms. Marvel series from Marvel Comics has quite a history to live up to, but the newest issue does not disappoint!

Written by seasoned comics novelist G. Willow Wilson (gwillow) and illustrated by the talented Adrian Alphona with beautiful colors by Ian Herring (iherring) , Ms. Marvel #3 is the ongoing exploration of what it means to become a hero in a world already inundated with superhero culture. In this issue we are carried along with lead protagonist Kamala Khan as she explores the boundaries of her newfound powers. Tensions are riding high as Kamala’s ongoing struggle to discover who she is bombarded by parental expectations and cultural obligations.

There have been a lot of great things happening in this series from the start. Firstly, we have a new female, Pakistani, Muslism superhero. Second, we have a diverse cast full of great characters who are given their own chances to shine and develop in each issue. Lastly, we are viewing the established Marvel universe through the unique lens; Kamala herself has long been a fan of the superheroes we know, but is a newcomer to their inner workings. That itself is what makes this series perfect for old fans and new readers alike.

So, if you haven’t been reading, now is a great time to get started!

[Pick up Ms. Marvel #3 here!]

For fans of: Action, Female leads, Superheroes

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor.

Guys! I wrote a thing for the workplace! Read the thing and then go read Ms. Marvel already!


SEATTLE—April 10, 2014—(NASDAQ: AMZN)—Amazon.com today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire comiXology, the company that revolutionized the digital comics reading experience with their immersive Guided View technology and makes discovering, buying, and reading comic books and…

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